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Client Download High Five Part Version 5:

(Removed Blood Rain, Fixed a lot of Graphics Problems Latest Update of H5 Client Recommend to use it)

If you have Problem with Windows 10 Security about the
Client you can Additional Download The Old Version of Client:

Download Our System Here:
Live from 13-02-2021 20:35 GMT+2

– New System Release 13-03-2021

– New Light System (No Skill Effects) Release 13-03-2021

  – Google Drive Mirror New System Release 13-03-2021

  – Google Drive Mirror New Light System Release 13-03-2021

You Can Download only the INI File (OLD PLAYERS ONLY) if you Have Old System from Here: INI FILE and replace it inside system folder (Delete the old one)

If you Expect problems with Critical, please Delete Option.ini inside system folder.

Accounts it is Auto Create.

Have Fun Guys!