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Gift of Vitality – Event

Steve the Vitality wizard you learned to love (or hate) is coming to starting June 13th! Steve is a busy wizard and have to visit many servers, but he promised to stay with us until June 20st. Every char will be...

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Server is Live!

Finally Server is Live! You can Download our system from here You need our Clear Client to login to our server! Attention! you must run the l2.exe inside of system-e not from your system! If you can’t unrar our system...

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Registration Open

Our Registration Panel has been open, you can now register your account in one Hour will be released and our system so you will be able to login!  

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BETA Server is now Live

Hello Dear Players, our BETA Server is now Online. you can test anything you like, xp has been increase to x1000 all others are Retail (x1) Free Adena and items you can buy from Donate Store for Free. Have Fun.! Any bug/problem...

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Welcome to

Hello Dear Players! We’ve worked hard as normal players for almost 17 years (12 Years played on Official Lineage2) to gather all the information for your preferred type of game server, we’ve put together your ideas...