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Hello Dear Players!

We’ve worked hard as normal players for almost 17 years (12 Years played on Official Lineage2) to gather all the information for your preferred type of game server, we’ve put together your ideas, your suggestions, information and researches from different knowledge bases and we’ve made a lot of tests to make the project unique and good as you love it.
Our goal is to create a unique masterpiece that everyone can enjoy and I think we have been made it with success!
There are many things we did damn right in the past, and because of that – you’re going to see many things you’ve already seen, along with features you will never see on another server.
We use the most of High Five functions and Items so you can play a excellent and stable chronicle as you wish!
Plenty is changing – but plenty remains.
Our team knows what you want.
You value quality and technical excellence?
You need safety and exceptional security?
You seek true adventures, unique game world, exquisite and eventful game?
Then we are waiting for you in our brand new x1 Retail-Like High Five Server!
Join to the fastest growing Lineage2 gaming community: make friends, recruit clan mates and alliances, battle versus thousands of opponents from countries across the globe, try strategies on Sieges, Territory Wars and share your experience in Forum, YouTube Facebook and beyond.
Enjoy Yourself, but not at Anyone Else’s Expense
We took Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game(MMORPG) to a whole new level!
The only thing missing is YOU. Don’t hesitate. Join with us and share in the adventure.
The server will open on 05.06.2021 20:00 GMT+2, after 2 week of beta tests.

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