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Here you can Download our Clear Client that works 100% on Windows 10 with all Patch Updated.

Lineage 2 Interlude client Win 10 Support

Download Mirror 1: Google Drive

Download Mirror 2:

Download System/Patch

Download: System

Download Mirror: System

Download Your Bot

Adrenaline: Download

L2NET: Download

L2Walker: Download

First turn your Antivirus Off Before Unzip any of them.

Server Information

Server Rates and Informations you must know about it.

  • Experience (EXP): x15
  • Skill Points (SP): x15
  • Adena: Flexible Rate: x3~15
  • Drop Itens: Flexible Rate: x3~15
  • Quest Drop Itens: x2
  • Spoil: x7
  • Weight Limit: x4
  • Manor: x1
  • Extract Fish: x1
  • Safe Enchant: +3
  • Max Enchant: +16
  • Quest Experience (EXP): x1
  • Quest Skill Points (SP): x1
  • Quest Adena: x1
  • Max. Clients per PC: x20
  • Anti-Bot: ALLOWED (Not in Mass PvP)
  • Class Master: 20k Adena First, 100k Adena Second, 3rd: 5kk Adena, 100k Ancient Adena, 700 Halisha
  • Off-line Shop mode: Just Logout or use command .offline
  • Auto Learn Skills: Yes
  • Auto Loot: Yes
  • Auto Loot Raid & Grand Boss: No
  • Raid Drops: x5
  • Sealstones Drops: x3

Extra Informations – Commands:

.gk: Use Global GK (can be Used Everywere)
.menu: User’s Menu
.buffs: User’s Buffer (can take buffs outside town)
.boss: Raid & Epic Boss Status
.class: Class Master
.shop: Game Shop

What you must know about:
Buffs Duration is 2h, Max Enchant at olympiad is +6, Raids Announce Spawn and who Kill it (You are in PvP Mode when you hit raid).  PvP Zone All Epics.

Stakato Fangs is Tradable and can be sold in prive shop
Halisha Mark is Tradable and can be sold in prive shop

7Signs Start from Monday (14-09-2020 18:00 GMT+3)

Barakiel Spawn 6 Hours after Death +/- 1 Hour.

World Boss Spawn 12 Hours after Death +/- 1 Hour


Server Name