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Downloads .

Here you can Download our Clear Client that works 100% on Windows 10 with all Patch Updated.

Lineage 2 High Five client Win 10 Support

Download Mirror 1: Google Drive

Download Mirror 2: Soon

Download System/Patch

Download: System (Extreme Version With Graphics)

Download: System (Light Version for Low PC’s – some functions maybe you can’t see correct.)

Download Your Bot

Adrenaline: Download

First turn your Antivirus Off Before Unzip any of them.

Server Information

Server Rates and Informations you must know about it.

  • Experience (EXP): x7
  • Skill Points (SP): x7
  • Adena: Flexible Rate: x3
  • Drop Itens: Flexible Rate: x5
  • Quest Drop Itens: x2
  • Spoil: x3
  • Weight Limit: x10
  • Manor: x1
  • Extract Fish: x1
  • Safe Enchant: +3
  • Max Enchant: +16
  • Quest Experience (EXP): x1
  • Quest Skill Points (SP): x1
  • Quest Adena: x1
  • Max. Clients per PC: Unlimited
  • Anti-Bot: ALLOWED (Not in Mass PvP)
  • Class Master: 10k Adena First, 100k Adena Second, 3rd: 1kk Adena
  • Off-line Shop mode: Just Logout or use command .offline
  • Auto Learn Skills: Yes
  • Auto Loot: Yes
  • Auto Loot Raid & Grand Boss: No
  • Raid Drops: x5
  • Sealstones Drops: x3

Extra Informations – Commands:

.cfg: User’s Menu

What you must know about:
Buffs Duration is 8h, Max Enchant at olympiad is +6, PvP Zone All Epics. Custom Raids Area

World Boss Spawn Retail

Ant Queen Spawn: 12h +/- 1h
Orfen Spawn: 12h +/- 1h
Core Spawn: 12h +/- 1h
Antharas Spawn: 120h +/- 3h
Valakas Spawn: 120h +/- 3h
Baium Spawn: 72h +/- 1h

Skills 81-83 LvL: Auto Learn no need books.

Max Sub LvL: 85

Buffs Limit: 34 + 14 Dance/Songs Slots


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